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The Definition: For all you Technical Guru’s

I needed to be certain that I am actually eligible to call myself a “homesteader” so I searched out a few definitions online. Loosely defined, a homestead is a piece of land, mostly with crops, sometimes for raising animals, and in the past it might or might not have been handed down to the people by the government. Score! There is no minimum size requirement or how Pinteresting your chicken coop needs to be, so insert my sigh of relief here. I live on a piece of land! I am a homesteader!

You could be too.

The Checklist

I’m going to make the checklist for us “average” and maybe wannabe guys. Give yourself a point (or be generous with a handful) for every YES you answer on the following long and overly-specific questions.

Have you ever:

Sprouted an avocado pit in a glass of water while it hangs on three toothpicks that you probably scrounged from your third kitchen drawer?
Started to make a salad but then became distracted from your task and started scraping the seeds from the red pepper, dried them, planted them in an eggshell and they germinated?
Threw your kitchen scraps into an allocated area, the location of which I’m not judging, for it to brew and eventually, and very hopefully, become compost?
Managed to have any breathing non-human species that is on this earth to meet your nutritional needs survive within your care for at least its average lifespan?
Harvested any edible or medicinal part of a plant and processed it to the point of somebody being able to consume it without needing to visit their doctor?

Do I hear some resounding yesses? There you go, you avid homesteader.

My first harvest of rhubarb

Your Score

You don’t have to farm Longhorn cattle or be a 6th generation rancher to be a homesteader. It would help, it would help. But, homesteading is about small steps and a ton of mistakes. The plan is to fix the mistakes and then keep going. Every little waddle takes you closer to being self-sustainable and not as reliant on the big farms. You know the ones.

The homesteader’s mindset is about responsibility and a deep honesty between you and your soil that it does what it should do and you reap the benefits. The rewards can be for your health, finances, recreation – compost turning is a real boredom buster!

So whether you’re a big or small homesteader, stop reading now and let me know in the comments that you’re getting back to work. Your land awaits.

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One thought on “Are You a Homesteader – A Checklist to Boost Your Confidence

  1. Glad to find out I’m a Homesteader as well…..also good to hear that my many failures at least count as experience.

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